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Our wide range of Bitumen Products

Future Universal Petrochem has started its operation in the field of Bitumen available in India mainly with the following types:

A) PENETRATION GRADE BITUMEN: An Ideal Bitumen for Road Construction

Penetration grades are one of the most common types of bitumen for road construction. This type of bitumen is known for its durability and resistance to temperature changes; therefore, numerous oil refineries across the world have special plants for producing penetration grades.

Penetration grade bitumen is actually a broad category of bitumen that includes more than 5 subgrades, which are bitumen 30/40, 40/50, 50/70, 60/70, 80/100 and 100/120. Each subgrade of penetration bitumen has a number that shows its level of stiffness. In refineries, bitumen is tested by penetration method in which the expert perforates a standard needle in the bitumen and measure the speed of penetration to indicate the stiffness. A sample of bitumen 30/40 has a penetration of between 30 to 40 mm.

Among all grades of penetration bitumen, bitumen 60/70 is the most widely used in road construction. Also called the paving grade bitumen, this material works well in a wide range of temperatures (from – 22 to +76). But this is not the only reason that bitumen 60/70 is popular in the world.


Industrial grade bitumen is also known as blown bitumen. This is obtained by blowing air into hot bitumen at high temperatures (normally beyond 180 0C). Blowing hot air into bitumen at high temperatures results in structural changes in bitumen. Esters are formed in this process and these esters link up two different molecules and higher molecular weight material increases drastically. In the process the asphalting content is increased which in turn results in higher softening points and very low penetration number. Industrial grade bitumen is used in industrial applications and in water proofing, tar felting etc.


Cutback is a free flowing liquid at normal temperatures and is obtained by fluxing bitumen with suitable solvents. The viscosity of bitumen is reduced substantially by adding kerosene or any other solvent. Cutback has been used in tack coat applications.


The new method of grading the product has now rested on the viscosity of the Bitumen (at 60 C and 135 C). The new grades have thus evolved with nomenclature.

Bitumen VG-10: The characteristics of this grade confirm to that of S 90 grade of IS-73. This is the softest of all grades available in India. This is suitable for low volume roads and is usually used in cold places.

Bitumen VG-30: This grade is harder than VG10 and can withstand higher traffic loads. The characteristics of this grade confirm to that of S 65 grade of IS-73. It is presently used mainly in construction of National Highways & State Highways.

Bitumen VG-40: This is the hardest of all the grades and can withstand very heavy traffic loads. The characteristics of this grade confirm to that of S 35 grade of IS-73. Bitumen VG40 is used in specialized applications like airport runways and also in very heavy traffic volume roads in coastal cities in the country.


A variety of additives are used for modification of Bitumen. The degree of modification depends on type of Modifier, its dose and nature of Bitumen. The most commonly used Modifiers are:

Polymer Modified Bitumen (PMB): PMB meets the requirements in accordance with PMB of IS 15462 specifications designed for pavement applications. Heavy traffic intensity in terms of commercial vehicles, overloading of trucks and significant variations in daily & seasonal temperature of the pavement have been responsible for early development of distress symptoms like raveling, undulations, rutting, cracking, bleeding, shoving & potholing of bituminous surfaces.

Crumb Rubber Modified Bitumen (CRMB): Crumb Rubber Modified Bitumen is special type of bitumen whose properties have been improved by the addition of crumb rubber & special types of additives like hydrocarbon materials, resins etc. Thus altering the physical properties of bitumen makes it more resistant to temperature variations, weather & high traffic loads, leading to enhanced pavement life, reduced maintenance cost and excellent driving comfort. CRMB can be used for wearing courses at heavy trafficked roads, busy intersections, bridge decks and roundabouts for increased life of the surfacing.


Bitumen emulsions help to contribute towards the construction, rehabilitation and maintenance of roads (from low to high traffic volume roads), Our experience and technological expertise enable us to design for the specific requirements of our customer’s individual projects or market needs.

Bitumen Emulsion has following types:

  • Bitumen Emulsion RS1 is recommended for Tack Coat treatment.
  • Bitumen Emulsion RS2 is recommended for Surface Dressing treatment.
  • Bitumen Emulsion MS is recommended for Pre Mix Carpet and Patchwork.
  • Bitumen Emulsion SS-1 is used for Prime Coat application and perform several important functions such as coating and bonding loose mineral particles on the surface of the base, hardening and toughening the surface of the base, waterproofing the surface of the base by plugging capillary or interconnected voids, and providing adhesion or bond between the base and the asphalt mixture. This grade of emulsion penetrate quite deep in WMM / WBM surface providing an effective Prime Coat.
  • Bitumen Emulsion SS-2 is designed for use in slurry seals and for cold storable mixtures for patching. They are designed for soil stabilisation and also suitable for use with cold recycling. These emulsions are tailor made as per quality of aggregates and local site conditions.


  • Cold Mix eliminates heating of aggregate and binder. This results in energy savings and overall reduced cost as compared to typical hot mix.
  • Environment friendly and conserves energy.
  • Cold Mix allows construction in all seasons and even with wet aggregates.
  • Cold Mix is made up of custom designed Cationic Bitumen Emulsions and aggregates.


Potholes Repair Road Bond is a revolutionary product based on cold mix technology specially designed to solve the problem of Pot holes with fast and hassle free technique. It is a blend of carefully selected high quality aggregates and specially designed Bitumen Emulsion manufactured in “State-of-the-art” Plant under carefully controlled conditions.