Customers rely on us with their specific demand of bituminous products for their infrastructure as well as industrial projects & we take immense pride in testing all the specifications of our products in our in-house testing laboratory before making the delivery.

Why test in laboratory?

To study, check and improve performance

  1. Formulation study – It involves carrying out these various tests in the laboratory to fix the composition of the asphalt mix according to the performances specified in the project.
  2. To study & check all the products by one by one parameter.
  3. To find solutions to explain the behaviour of the bituminous mixes on the site.
  4. To improve the performance of the products with better testing & technology.
future universal bitumen testing lab

How we work?

Selection, identification and testing

  • Selection & identification of components
  • Choice of Gradation & binder content
  • Water sensitivity test
  • Viscosity test
  • Formulation selected