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  • Crumb Rubber Modified Bitumen

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    Crumb Rubber Modified Bitumen is special type of bitumen whose properties have been improved by the addition of crumb rubber & special types of additives like hydrocarbon materials, resins etc. Thus altering the physical properties of bitumen makes it more resistant to temperature variations, weather & high traffic loads, leading to enhanced pavement life, reduced maintenance cost and excellent driving comfort. CRMB can be used for wearing courses at heavy trafficked roads, busy intersections, bridge decks and roundabouts for increased life of the surfacing.

  • Polymer Modified Bitumen

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    Future Universal Petrochem PMB meets the requirements in accordance with PMB of IS 15462 specifications designed for pavement applications. Heavy traffic intensity in terms of commercial vehicles, overloading of trucks and significant variations in daily & seasonal temperature of the pavement have been responsible for early development of distress symptoms like raveling, undulations, rutting, cracking, bleeding, shoving & potholing of bituminous surfaces.